Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Holiday Fire Risk!

Christmas Trees are a festive sign of the holiday season. They can also be a fire hazard. Cut trees need to be properly watered. Even then, eventually it will dry out. That is why most tree fires happen after Christmas. Often they start overnight when trees are left lit. Promptly put the tree out for proper disposal after the holidays to reduce the risk for fire. 

Electric Overload!

The more holiday lights the better, right? Well, that may not always be the case around your home. Safety must take the priority over dazzling. Electrical safety is especially important in older homes. Why? Most likely the electrical wiring and/or circuit breaker are not up to today's codes. Ask yourself; is the electrical in your home to code? Have the lights been tested for safety by an independent laboratory? Are they indoor or outdoor lights? Are there too many items plugged into an electrical socket? Is the set damaged? Taking time to decorate this holiday season may just prevent a disaster!

After A Fire You Are On The Clock

The first 48 hours after fire damage can make the difference between restoring or replacing damaged property and personal belongings. When fire takes control of your life our Disaster Recovery Team can help you take it back!

Fires Stink!

Fires can cause significant damage not only to the building structure but also the air quality. Odors from fires can be pugnet and difficult to neutralize.  When you need smoke remediation give us a call.

Holiday Disasters

Did you know that incidents of home fires increase over 180% during the holidays? The vast majority of these incidents are cooking related. While these types of fires are generally small, they still need to be cleaned professionally.

Have You Serviced Your Heating System

Do you know there are components on you furnace that require regular maintenance? Without proper maintenance your furnace will not run as efficiently as it should. Call us today to schedule a consultation.